Our Core Values

Our 9 Core Values

These 9 core values represent our essentials.  Everything we do will be flushed through these 9 core values.  All our leaders agree with these values.

1. The Vision – We desire to see people have a meaningful relationship with God.  We accomplish this by leading people to love God and love others.  We see this happening through three areas: Worship, Small Groups & Missions.

2.  Authenticity – You will not find us different on Sunday than we are on Monday, Tuesday or Friday We will be a community of real, authentic believers who are just passionate and excited about sharing the greatest news in the world!

3.  Risk-taking – We will always err on the side of aggressive, not passive in everything we do!  We will be aggressive in our serving the community, aggressive in dreaming big dreams, aggressive in first impressions, aggressive in worship, aggressive in preaching.  All because we believe if you never risk big things for God, you never do big things for God.

4.  Biblical Authority – The Scriptures will be the key component of all activity!  We believe that the Bible IS the Word of God and where the Bible speaks we will speak and where the Bible is silent we will be silent.  We will not argue opinions but we will defend Biblical truth.

5.  Intentional Relationships – We will be intentional in making relationships with all people in our area.  Because true relationships are vital to growth in life we like to call this doing life together.  We will be intentional in growing our partners into making intentional relationships through our Small Groups.  And we will be an active part of our community in not just talking but SHOWING them the love of Christ.

6.  Excellence in Everything – We truly believe that if you’re doing something for God, it better be with ALL YOU GOT.  Every single thing from preaching the Word of God to changing a diaper should be done with Excellence!  As soon as you step foot on our campus you will notice an attention to detail, and that’s by design!  Because we truly believe if it’s worth doing for God, it’s worth doing with EXCELLENCE.

7.  Prayer – This whole operation has been bathed in prayer for months and months before Uplift Church was even officially formed.  Prayer (aka direct communication with God) obviously is the linchpin in everything we do.

8.  Eliminate Barriers – Have you ever been to church and felt out of place?  Here at Uplift Church one of our main goals is to Eliminate all Barriers that people have when it comes to church.  From the moment you arrive at one of our campuses, you will know we don’t do church quite like you’re expecting.

9.  Creativity – We are on, in & outside the box.  We are crazy dreaming people.  You truly never know what’s coming next at one of our experiences.  We only do this because we serve the most amazingly creative and innovative being ever… none other than our Creator!  God is so creative, and we believe He wants us to do the same.  So we may not be church as usual, but many would say, that’s a good thing!